About Us


About The Simple Things

The Simple Things is a small town shop located in a historic building in downtown Farmington. This unique and beautiful building is just as much a part of who we are as all the curated treasures and people you will find when you walk through our door!

Our Style

 Our modern rustic + farmhouse style will combine aged woods, linen fabrics, and metal details. Starting with a neutral color palette, and layering in warm wood tones makes our modern rustic look, a timeless design style.  This look is simple and clean and will complement your current décor style. Your home should be a reflection of your style and personality. But, it’s not always that easy! Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect piece to complete your wall gallery or that perfect pillow to put on your couch. We totally get it! That’s why we created a process that is tailor-made so you can create the perfect piece for your home every time.

About Us

The Simple Things LLC was founded in 2018 by Lori, Robin, and Kristen. Our Journey began a few years go as we each had our own businesses and were vendors at another store. During this time we became friends. We all shared the love of creating things and we decided to combine all three of our businesses into one business which we would share together.



My name is Kristen Emmons and I am one of the three owners of The Simple Things. I am a mother to two wonderful little girls, Bailey and Camryn. I am sure you will see them around the shop or in pictures if you haven’t already met them. I am also married to Rob, my very own Chip Gaines. I am convinced there is nothing he can’t make. I also work full time as a Manufacturing Engineer. I have always had a passion for everything crafty. While I was in High School I started teaching card making classes at my house. Since then my passion for crafting has continued. I find crafting to be very therapeutic. I will never forget the first sign I made. I was looking through Pinterest one day and I found a pallet sign I liked and there was a tutorial. Now I am convinced with a You Tube video or a Pinterest tutorial I can make just about everything so I started to make my sign. I found I needed to purchase a machine to cut the design and what other tools I might need and I got started. After completing my first sign came the second, third, and by now I’m sure the thousandth one. I love being able to share my love of everything crafty with all of you. Throughout this journey the other thing I have found the most rewarding is getting to meet everyone and getting to know all of you! I love learning new things from you as well as getting to know you and your families. You all truly hold a special place in my heart! The warmth and character our shop has makes it feel like home to me. I hope everyone who comes into our shop feels very welcome and at home. Thank you very much for supporting our small business and our dreams.



 As you can see, I am the mom of 6 and I am married to Ron, an amazing man and father.  They are amazing, beautiful children that each have their own personality.  I love every minute that I get to be their mom, even the tough ones.  But like a lot of moms out there, that became all that I was, a mom and a wife.  While those are two of the best titles in my world, I was losing myself.  

   A couple of years ago, I was given the opportunity to start making Robin Nel Naturals with Lori.  She is an amazing person with unbelievable talents and someone that I am so proud to call my friend.  Something that started as a hobby that brought in a little extra money into the family budget soon grew into something bigger.  During this journey, Kristen came into our lives.  She is an incredible women that somehow juggles a full time job, family, and her own small business.  I am so happy that we have become friends.  My life has forever been changed since these two women came into my life.

Now not only do I get to call myself wife and mother, I get to call myself a small business owner.  I get to meet so many great people and see someone who is "not crafty"  make and take something home that they are so proud of.  Thank you for all of the support from our families and the growing list of friends we meet while on this journey.


     Hi, I'm Lori and I love to Create. I’m a mother to 3 wonderful grown children that grew up helping me set up for craft shows and late suppers because I just had one more thing in the shed to get done. I am married to my high school sweet heart and the man that has put up with saw dust in his antique car parts most of our married life. Our farm is along the banks of a crick (creek for you more refined people) and along the crick is where you will find me when I am not in my workshop.

     My obsession with making crafts started in 4th grade when I made and sold "puffy name pillows" to my class mates. In my early 20s I borrowed a saw from my uncle and fell in love with wood projects and sign making. In the old days I hand lettered all my signs. Wow how times have changed and for the better.  With the purchase of a cutting machine I can help others create one of a kind pieces of their very own. 

     I love meeting new people and hearing their stories and the sign classes we offer is a wonderful relaxed atmosphere to share our love and lives.